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Human rights culture has not yet taken root in Montenegro, although much has been done in that direction as far as the advancement of legal framework is concerned. One of the reasons lies in a weakly developed awareness about human rights, ways in which they can be enforced and upheld, forms of violations and mechanisms of protection. The question that motivated us to seek a different, more innovative and fresher way to communicate human rights-related problems was: how to make these issues more sensitive, more painful and more immediate? Provocative and direct, the medium of film is an excellent way to truly face the victims and the perpetrators, unbearable injustices and unbelievable bravery, the weakness and the strength of humanity in the contemporary world. 

The goal of Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival, the first and only of its kind in Montenegro, is to raise awareness amongst the citizens of Montenegro about relevance of human rights, their protection and promotion, and foster a system of values which underpins harmonious relations between different people – whatever the grounds for their difference.

Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival begins on the International Human Rights Day (10 December).During the past five editions of the Festival, which debuted in 2010, in cooperation with the Cultural Information Centre “Budo Tomović“, Montenegrin National Theatre and Rectorate of the University of Montenegro, we have shown 64 wonderful films from the most recent production, most of them winners of numerous nominations, awards and recognition all around the world. This way, the concept of human rights attracted a broad audience through an innovative and refreshing artistic approach. Growing attendance (more than 3, 500 visitors in 2014) at the Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival fully justifies its existence, and it is especially encouraging that many of the visitors are young people, who we hope will be additionally inspired by this experience to stand up for their rights.

The value of the Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival is also its regional component, reflected in continuing cooperation with similar festivals in the region, above all the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival from Sarajevo and later on Beldocsfrom Belgrade.


Centre for Civic Education (CCE)


Council of the Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival:
  • Balša Brković, writer and editor of “Art” in daily “Vijesti”
  • Branko Baletić, director and manager of the Montenegrin Film Archive 
  • Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of the Centre for Civic Education 
  • Dušan Vuleković, director and lecturer at the Faculty of Drama Arts of the University of Montenegro 
  • Janko Ljumović, producer and director of the Montenegrin National Theatre 
  • Miodrag Popović, editor of the Film Programe, KIC “Budo Tomović”
  • Mladen Vušurović, director of International Festival of Documentary Film “Beldocs”
  • Tanja Šuković, editor of the Documentary Programme, RTCG

Expert associates:

Nikola Đonović
Ognjen Gazivoda
Dragana Koprivica
Paula Petričević
Mira Popović
Tamara Milas
Miloš Knežević
Jelena Popović
Svetlana Pešić
Dragana Koprivica
Translation and proof reading of films:
Beldocs and Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
Ana Dulović
Anđela Dujović 
Balša Dragojević 
Bilja Lupšić
Damir Suljević
Danka Bubanja 
Darko Savović 
Doroteja Milanović
Anđela Živković 
Đorđije Lakić 
Ivana Bošković 
Ivana Dragović 
Ivana Đoković
Ivana Ivanović
Janko Vujović
Katarina Milačić 
Ksenija Nikolić
Ksenija Simović 
Maja Vešović 
Marija Mitrović 
Mia Mišković 
Milena Perošević
Milica Nikolić
Mirko Vukoslavović
Monika Đonović
Nataša Ivanović
Sunčica Obradović 
Tanja Vujičić
Željka Kankaraš
Centre for Civic Education (CCE)

Njegoševa 36/I, Podgorica, Crna Gora
Tel/fax: + 382 20 665 112
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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